All Ages Care Management LLC – Disability Advice, Manchester CT

All Ages Care Management LLC – Disability Advice, Manchester CT


Getting used to life with a disability can be challenging. We all take our health for granted until it’s no longer there. Then it’s all too easy to become preoccupied with what we’ve lost. While you can’t wish for a healthier you or wish your restrictions away, you can modify how you think about and deal with your impairment. You still have influence over your life, and there are numerous things you can do to boost your independence, sense of empowerment, and outlook. It is totally possible to overcome the problems you confront and live a full—and fulfilling—life, regardless of your condition.

Interacting with Disabled Individuals

When interacting with individuals who have disabilities, it is important to speak to them directly rather than through external means, such as aides or interpreters.

When communicating with somebody who is hearing impaired, keep in mind that some people can hear, some can lip read, and still others prefer to use sign language or assistive technology. Inquire about their preferred method of communication before interacting with them.

  • Always identify yourself and let them know when you’re going when you talk to someone who is blind or visually impaired. If they ask for help, you can offer your elbow or arm as a lead, but never push, pull, or grab them.
  • Do not lean on, push, or grip the wheelchair when you see someone who uses a wheelchair while interacting with them. When speaking with a person in a wheelchair, try to get down to their eye level.
  • When communicating with someone who has a cognitive problem, use plain, basic sentences. Give them time to discuss the issues with you and be patient with them.
  • Make sure that you give as much time as they need while speaking with someone with a speech disability. Maintain a respectful demeanor and refrain from attempting to complete their statements.

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Traditional healthcare techniques are being challenged, and we’re bringing a new perspective on client-focused tactics, next-generation technologies, and new approaches to improve operations. All Ages Care Management LLC is here to offer disability advice, Manchester CT.

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