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When you need the services of a care manager Hartford CT, rely on the compassionate care experts at All Ages Care Management. We are a sole proprietorship care management company centrally located in Newington. We provide high quality, meticulous care management services for older individuals who are physically or cognitively compromised, as well as younger people with significant disabilities.

What exactly is a care manager? Do you know whether or not you would benefit from professional support in this capacity? A care manager serves as the point of contact between the individual and relevant medical practitioner; their role is oftentimes multifaceted and complex.

Care managers can be responsible for a variety of situations, including:

●   Coordinating medical treatment, developing plans for care, monitoring medication compliance, and more
●   Building relationships with the individual
●   Advocating for the health of the individual, both mentally and physically
●   Establishing and connect patients with support systems in order to continue their care

All Ages Care Management works closely with the individual, their family members, and their doctors. We will identify areas of care that are lacking and connect the individual with specific services and resources that will best address any issues. If you have a child with Down syndrome, a TBI, or other unique medical needs, All Ages Care Management will be as involved in daily care as you need. We will work together to coordinate daily services, such as transportation, appointments with social service organizations, IEP meetings, and more.

When you need a care manager to advocate for your needs and help foster the health and independence of your child or family member, contact All Ages Care Management. We look forward to working with you: 860-794-8050.

Care Manager – Hartford CT – All Ages Care Management

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All Ages Care Management, LLC helps remove the guesswork and legwork when you need to make difficult care-related decisions about your loved one. We provide person-centered care management, ensuring dignity and quality of life at every stage of life.

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