Geriatric Care Management in Avon, CT

Geriatric Care Management in Avon, CT


All Ages Care Management’s geriatric care managers in Avon, CT, take the time to get to know each client and learn about their wishes for the future. The geriatric care manager then oversees the rest of the care management needs and assists the clients in achieving their aging and healthcare objectives. Working together, our team provides peace of mind to seniors in Avon, CT, who are aging alone or without the support of family.

What Is Geriatric Care and How Does It Work?

Geriatric care is a branch of medicine dedicated to meeting our special healthcare needs as we grow older. Geriatric care helps senior individuals keep their independence while managing their overall health and well-being.

Geriatric care is significant because it allows seniors to receive specialized care that recognizes and addresses their specific requirements. As the body ages, it no longer responds to drugs in the same way it once did, and as a result, persons in this age group are more likely to develop various chronic disorders that require specialized care management. Furthermore, geriatric care allows patients to obtain preventative care in order to maintain their health and independence for as long as possible.

A geriatric care manager in Avon, CT, assists senior adults and their families in learning about their care options, making health-related and other crucial decisions, and managing stress. A geriatric care manager can also act as a go-between for older people and nursing homes and care facilities, assisting patients in negotiating better prices and better treatment.

Senior parents and other aging relatives may require specialized medical care. Sustaining and achieving the most favorable wellness and health for older people is more than just a medical issue. Effective geriatric care requires group effort between caregivers and health providers.

Many health problems become prevalent due to the natural aging process. These issues are frequently exacerbated in senior patients by further impairments in physical or mental capacities. Therefore, a geriatric care manager in Avon, CT, can help take care of elderly individuals as they age.

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